UserCS Form #Issue DateForm Title
Management210/22/2018Personnel Action (PA) Status Update Form
Employee410/22/2018Beneficiary Designation Form
Management509/27/2018Notice of Employment Suspension, Demotion or Dismissal
Employee5A11/06/2018Discipline Appeal Request
Emp & Mgmt6A10/24/2018Grievance Form (Part A)
Emp & Mgmt6B10/24/2018Grievance Form (Part B)
Emp & Mgmt6C10/24/2018Grievance Form (Part C)
Employee6D10/24/2018Grievance Form (Part D)
Management710/29/2018Temporary Employee Job Qualification Review Request
Emp & Mgmt1509/27/2018Consent to Electronic Service, & Notice of Electronic Service Form
Management1610/29/2018Performance Improvement Program - Initial Enrollment or Resume After Suspension Due to a Leave
Management16A10/29/2018Performance Improvement Program - Record of Counseling Form
Management2510/29/2018Medical Info Disclosure Notice and Consent for Civil Service Board Hearings
Management42A10/23/2018Medical Leave Extension Excel Spreadsheet
Management4310/23/2018Public Records Exemption Qualification Request
Management5310/29/2018Civil Service Board Subpoena
Management5510/29/2018Job Content Questionnaire
Management6610/24/2018Restricted Acknowledgement - Lateral or Demotion Same Agency
Management6710/24/2018Restricted Acknowledgement - New Hire
Management6810/24/2018Limited Duration Acknowledgement - New Hire
Management6910/24/2018Restricted Acknowledgement - Lateral or Demotion Other Agency
Management7010/24/2018Limited Duration Acknowledgement - Lateral or Demotion Same Agency
Management70B10/24/2018Limited Duration Acknowledgement - Position Funding
Management7110/24/2018Limited Duration Acknowledgement - Lateral or Demotion Other Agency
Management7210/24/2018Limited Duration Acknowledgement - Promotion
Management72B10/24/2018Limited Duration Acknowledgement - RIF
Management7310/24/2018Restricted Acknowledgement - Promotion
Management9911/1/2017Classified Performance Report

Guides, Instructions, & Model Letters and Policies

ManagementGuide for Calculating Leave Duration and Potential PRD/BD Adjustments
ManagementGuide for Performance Improvement Program
ManagementGuide for Performance Management & Appraisal System: Supervisor's Guide
ManagementPerformance Expectations Database
ManagementPerformance Report
ManagementCoaching Card
Plan HillsboroughPerformance Management & Appraisal System: Supervisor’s Guide
Plan HillsboroughPerformance Report
ManagementModel Letter for Abandonment of Position
ManagementModel Letter for Signature Authority Delegation
ManagementModel Letter for Temporary Extension Request
ManagementModel Policy for Reduction in Force