Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. HRTrust will provide some or all of your organization’s human resource services and allow your human resources staff to focus on being a strategic business partner. Our team members are experts in their respective fields, with many years of applied experience. Our solutions are scalable, on-demand, and unique to each customer.

On-Demand Human Resources Consulting

In this role, HRTrust is your on-call HR staff – at your disposal any time a human resource challenge arises that you need advice or help with.  Whether it’s help with employment laws, labor relations, coaching, discipline, process improvement, or any other area of human resources management, our experts are just a phone call, email, or chat window away.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

People are the most important asset of every organization.  HRTrust has the experience and strategic connections needed to proactively find and recruit outstanding people to join your organization in all types of jobs and at all levels.

HRTrust offers the full scope of recruitment process outsourcing services:  from recruiting to on-boarding and post-hire assessment.  Importantly, we recognize that one size does not fit everyone.  We will meet with you to determine your specific needs and customize each recruitment accordingly.  This is a high level list of our full suite of recruiting services.

  • Employment opportunity marketing/targeted recruiting
  • Web-based, customized employment application & candidate interaction portal
  • Candidate screening & assessment
  • On-boarding
  • Post-hire assessment

Executive and Professional Search and Selection

Organizations thrive only when the right combination of executive experience, vision and leadership are present to provide the right blend of talent and leadership to take your organization to the next level.  HRTrust’s has a proven track record of successful executive and professional searches. Our experience includes work in a wide variety of organizations.  Click here (or see below) for a list of successful executive searches HRTrust has recently undertaken.  HRTrust has the experience and strategic connections needed to proactively search and find the executives and professionals with

At a high level, our executive search services include the following, but each project is unique and we will customize our services accordingly.

  • Consultation and planning
  • Recruiting active and passive quality candidates
  • Ongoing two-way communication with candidates
  • Facilitation of candidate screening & assessment (e.g., interviews)
  • On-boarding
  • Job offer/contract negotiations
  • Post-hire assessment

Job Performance Coaching & Evaluation Process Design & Implementation

No matter your employee’s level of skill and motivation, there is always room for improvement.  We will work with you to develop processes and build the skills for effective job performance coaching.  Our services in this area include the following:

  • Designing a state of the art appraisal system and corresponding materials that fit your organization’s personality and objectives.
  • Assisting with the deployment of the appraisal system, to include supervisor and non-supervisor training.
  • Assist with using the evaluation results to meaningfully allocate your available job performance recognition dollars.

Supervisory Coaching

While your organization relies on all of its employees, your supervisors and managers are critical in translating your organization’s vision into reality.  We offer a variety of trainings to enhance the effectiveness of your supervisors and managers.  Our trainings cover the skills needed to create and develop ongoing and effective communication with employees, outstanding customer service, diversity/respect/inclusion in the workplace, ethical behavior, awareness of employment laws and their application to the workplace, staff selection and development, etc.

Job Descriptions and Job Classification

At HRTrust, we understand how well maintained job descriptions and attention to proper job classification improve an organization’s ability to recruit, hire and retain quality employees.  HRTrust will respond to your needs in any of the following areas:

  • Review individual jobs for proper job classification
  • Conduct broad classification studies

Internal and External Compensation Equity Analyses

It’s no secret that, from a compensation perspective, your organization must be competitive and fair to recruit, hire and retain quality employees.  HRTrust is ready to lend its extensive experience in this area to assist your organization to develop an organizational compensation strategy and to maintain the competitiveness and fairness of your compensation practice.  Using surveys and labor market data, we will advise you of the trends in the area of compensation and on the current rates of pay for given job classifications to keep your pay competitive within the labor market

Florida Public Records Law & Records Management Consulting

It is essential that Florida government agencies be very knowledgeable about Florida public records laws and apply that knowledge to effectively manage the important records in their custody.  HRTrust is ready to provide your organization with any or all of the following services related to pubic records management:

  • Record inventory
  • Record management planning
  • Disaster preparation & recovery
  • Responding to requests for records
  • Record retention requirements
  • Record disposition best practices

Discipline Due Process Consultation, Mediation, and Hearings

Unfortunately, there are times when an employer and an employee have been unable or unwilling to resolve a workplace dispute themselves, so they proceed to a disciplinary due process hearing or a grievance arbitration hearing.  In such cases, it is best to enlist the services of an impartial third party to hear both sides and reach a collaborative resolution.  HRTrust will help you develop your own processes or allow you to use ours.

Affirmative Action Planning & Reporting

Setting up and administering an effective affirmative action program can be difficult and time-consuming.  HRTrust will leverage our decades of experience to help your organization develop an affirmative action plan and/or conduct utilization analyses.

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